Scapix Language Bridge

Deliver native Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows apps with a single shared C++ code base. Automatic, on the fly code generation to bridge common C++ code base to UI code written in Swift, Objective-C, Java, Python (more languages coming soon). Get the best of both worlds: single shared C++ code base and native UI on each platform.

Scapix Intro

Seamless, real time integration
Bridge code automatically generated directly from C++ header files, no need to manually maintain separate IDL definitions or bindings.
Single shared C++ code base
Share 90% of app code on all platforms using standards compliant cross-platform C++.
Separate native user interface for each platform
Create native user interface for each platform using platform specific language (Swift, ObjC, Java, C++) with native UI frameworks and native UI controls for each platform.
Native performance
Native compiled C++ peformance on every platform.
Platform API access
Convinient access to platform specific APIs from shared C++ code base.
Develop on any platform, any IDE
Develop on MacOS, Windows or Linux using any IDE with CMake support (Xcode, Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.).
Dramatically reduce time and expense of delivering app to multiple platforms
A single shared C++ code base across all platforms dramatically reduces time and expense required to create and maintain an app for multiple platforms.
Invest in cross-platform standard compliant C++ code
Invest your resources in creating cross-platform, standard compliant C++ code - which you can easily leverage on any existing or future platform.