Clone scapix-com/example1 repository:

git clone https://github.com/scapix-com/example1

Run vs_cs.cmd script to generate Visual Studio solution for C#:

cd example1

Open generated solution in Visual Studio:


There are two targets in this solution:

  • chat - C# executable
  • chatlib - C++ DLL

In chat target open source file Program.cs. Here you will find multiple calls to C++ functions declared in C++ header files contact.h, session.h, etc. which reside in chatlib C++ target. You can place breakpoint in Program.cs file, run the project and examine values returned from C++. You can also add new C++ functions to contact.h or session.h headers, build solution (C# bindings automatically generated during build), then add calls from C# Program.cs file to your newly added C++ functions.